Call for Projects: Building Fit Exhibit 2015

The Center for Architecture is presenting an exhibition in Fall 2015 called Building Fit, showing the ways that well-designed environments can have positive impacts on health. Building Fit will showcase design that encourages healthful activity, such as walking, bicycling, and taking the stairs. It will show how designers, planners and architects in partnership with clients, neighborhoods, health-focused organizations and public agencies can encourage physical activity and greater attention to health through the thoughtful design of the built environment. This exhibit is the first in a series over the next couple of years around the topic of design’s impact on our communities.

Part of the exhibit will consist of project examples from NY CFA’s exhibit FitNation; however, we believe that it is very important to include Oregon and Pacific Northwest examples of design for healthy activity so that it is possible for those inspired by the exhibit to also experience these projects first-hand. Having the opportunity for the public at large to explore these projects, either individually or as a tour, is a key component of CFA’s Building Fit program. The exhibit opens in September and will be at the CFA for several months before moving to other spaces.

Please let us know if you have been involved in the design of a project that would be a good fit for this exhibit or if you know of a project by others that you believe should be included. For initial review by the exhibit committee, please provide a brief description of the project and its connection to the exhibit theme, and a few key images. If you are nominating a project by others, please provide what information you can and we will follow up. E-mail project information and nominations to by July 1, 2015.

The CFA exhibit committee will select examples of health-supportive design for inclusion in the exhibit and contact designers and owners for exhibit materials. Each of the FitNation projects is shown on a single exhibit panel and it is our plan to use the same format. We hope that members of the project teams will participate in the informative events that will accompany the exhibit, extending the exhibit’s influence to additional users, decision-makers and designers of private and public facilities.

If you have any questions, contact Robert Hoffman at the CFA, 503-223-8231.



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